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The security of a prisoner transport vehicle is paramount at all times. So there is a need for two communication systems that operate without opening windows or doors. Wolfelec has solutions for both.

transporting prisoner1. Communication from the driver at the front to the officer in the rear. The driver's operation is usually fully hands-free. The rear area can also be hands-free or if more private communication is required, the vehicle can be fitted with headset sockets or telephone-type handsets.

2. Two-way communication from inside the vehicle to the outside. The system can be discreet, with hidden microphones and speakers, or it can be a clearly marked panel on the side of the vehicle. This design is ideal for two-way speech between a person inside the vehicle and a guard outside the vehicle or at a security gate.

Wolfelec also manufacture high-security locking and unlocking systems with stainless steel electronic bolts and iButton (Dallas Key) secure-access controls to enhance your vehicles' security.

Please contact us to discuss your intercom requirements.

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